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I'm posting here simply because I feel guilty when I start new threads that don't get a lot of posts.

Anyway, my interest is in taking a MOOC, or maybe going my own way with a bit of guidance.

Because of the bizarre situation with the laws in the US and how they affect handicapped people, I literally have an upper limit to how much I can make before I'm responsible for my own benefits. I'm not going to list the precise amount I get per month, but I'm legally below the poverty level, with or without a job, if I intend to stay with my government benefits. Well, I'm not positive I'd stay below the poverty level if I pushed my luck and tried to "hug" the limit, but the amount would still be pretty low.

Anyway, the point of the previous paragraph is that I'm not trying to educate myself in order to get a job, but because of my Christian values. I believe everyone should be "employed" in some way, even if they don't collect a paycheck for it. Pure leisure is death to a pure lifestyle.


So now we get to the point of the thread, I, Jason, want to get tested to find the gaps in my knowledge and take classes from home in order to improve myself. Ultimately, if things work out super-well, I want to be involved in BOINC-type stuff, through one of the projects, rather than the BOINC infrastructure. If something better than BOINC comes along, then BOINC can be thought of as a placeholder word for whatever replaces it.

I just did a search on virtual assistants, assuming I'd get a bunch of stuff about Cortana, Siri and other lesser known computer programs/projects. Turns out, virtual assistants are mostly human judging from the search results. I don't object to the idea of a human teacher, I'm just leery of the cost involved.

So now I get to the part of the other research I've done. There is a sea of information on the internet about self-education, but a lot of it is simply colleges bragging about how easy they are to use. It's the internet, so people saying how awesome they are is worth about as much as a bailing bucket made out of salt.

So, if anyone can help me dig through the mess, how can I figure how to get tested and then figure out the materials(computer programs or whatever) to use to educate myself.

I'm mostly looking for hard science-type stuff, after filling in the gaps maybe some introductory physics and programming refreshers.

Ultimately, if I can simply get a better understanding of physics news, to the point where I can post without being a crank or a semi-troll, I'll be thrilled. And if that includes finally fully comprehending what a Fast Fourier Transform is and why both Prime95(the program) and graphics cards benefit from them, that's even more thrilling.

This has been Goatcher butting in. (Get it? GOAT cher butting in? I'm trying to come up with my own catch-phrase. Maybe, this is Goatcher going atcha at the beginning would be better. Or, if I want to be aggressive,"You mess with the Goat, you get the horns." Or lastly, I could ironically post the verse in the Bible about separating the sheep from the goats and put a wide-eye smiley by it)
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