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Originally Posted by pepi37 View Post
fbncsieve -p50000000000000 -P 100000000000000 -i 500.npg -fN -W4 -O fact.txt
fbncsieve v1.3.1, a program to find factors of k*b^n+c numbers for fixed b, n, and c and variable k
Sieve started: 5e13 < p < 1e14 with 159895 terms
p=50055611474419, 28.92M p/sec, 4 factors found at 15298 sec per factor, 0.1% done. ETA 2018-02-22 16:51

Since program run only 147 seconds I assume there will be 15.298 sec per factor not 15298 per factor , but this is cosmetic bug.
+/- side works perfectly
I will look into this. Note that if you start from an input file that it will get the starting prime from that file. Using -p will override what it reads from that file.
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