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Yes, I read through a bunch of posts and followed the "trick". I tried to grap a range without stepping onto anyone's toes and assignment went smooth without any error messages.

However, when I tried to post a message at the "aka 100M digit range" thread, the post did not show up for more than 24h so that I started wondering why. Seems like posts need the approval of an admin before showing up so that either my post was not approved for some reason or something else went wrong. So I started to think about opening a new thread (which I normally try to avoid) to see whether it will show up this time. (Edit: Seems that only the very first post needs approval so that it was a one-time issue)

And yes, the subforum would have been the correct place but I simply missed it when thinking about how to make this post show up at least somewhere. I also did not find any way to contact an admin directly, e.g. by sending a PM. But it should be easy for the admins to move it...

I'm thinking to bring this range up to at least 2^70 but noticed that in the range below there is also a lot of work to do as a bunch of expos is still at the 2^65 and 2^66 level. Any preference? Just let me know.

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