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skew: 2382635.076
c0: 3987095627700723668556412616355906815127705992
c1: 10621479627429548899812810235604051573030
c2: -4682349569391313556729607478081235
c3: -18433207794474459950952563135
c4: 1015293418294354295928
c5: 1005061270114440
c6: -39916800
Y0: -110058966911042321282835020413351605
Y1: 14771789483157557668102843
# MurphyE (Bf=3.436e+10,Bg=1.718e+10,area=2.147e+16) = 1.201e-08
Cownoise: skew 2581491.68923 score 6.25337175e-16

Second poly from this run:
skew: 795472.597
c0: 7619329897958484267003311101205639257382400
c1: 972789506471289955182741591383079851052
c2: 7982747782724676457598194955195188
c3: -11632872254364925227187277187
c4: -16770915348493964743837
c5: 4545814836283056
c6: 430133760
Y0: -139963034380019911364058910747595047
Y1: 24194513859610490327764807
# MurphyE (Bf=3.436e+10,Bg=1.718e+10,area=2.147e+16) = 1.023e-08
cownoise: skew 1025440.31942 score 4.71712789e-16
Approx. 8.2M thread-seconds for this second run, 11M total.

The score from the first poly in this post is about the expected record score for a C215, if we use previous records and extrapolate from C210-211-212 records. However, the more recent CADO-team records for RSA-210 (1.49e-15) and RSA-220 (3.88e-16) suggest something like 7.6e-16 for C215 is possible. So, maybe more like a record C216 poly- except this is a C217. Anyway, this is a good poly, and Max should see if any improvement is possible. I am pausing poly search for a bit, so that others might join in the fun. Anyone interested in a CADO run might choose: deg 6, nq = 46656, admin 2e6, incr 420, P = 12000000 to 14000000; admax is a matter of how many CPU-hours you wish to spend. Each 1M interval is roughly 5M hyper-thread-seconds (on 2.6ghz ivy bridge).

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