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I don't have a public-facing machine for CADO presently; I'm on winter break from school, though I suppose I could head to campus to adjust connections and configurations.

I need a couple trials on poly select params before I'd bother with a group effort anyway; maybe in a week or so I could have something set up.

In the meantime, my first 3M thread-sec on CADO produced:
skew: 3631171.462
c0: -103220456173951037642079956867090542810700338000
c1: -18535032273910066670092638781455152940780
c2: 94238827588202654144043099738383124
c3: -13243543462937303918281188995
c4: -8572476993744421137857
c5: 236432891435768
c6: 2088240
Y0: -140092283048428812607002686772711843
Y1: 1087402352458110598938121111
# MurphyE (Bf=3.436e+10,Bg=1.718e+10,area=2.147e+16) = 1.073e-08
Cownoise says skew 5629510.87920 score 5.26451995e-16, so we're already over 10% above the previous record for a C216.
The current CADO git now saves the best 15 polys to individual files! The top scoring one was 7% better than #2 according to CADO's score.
Here is #2:
skew: 1084707.215
c0: 87195291152770812378337092082653153342545664
c1: -2640270365420005034047822153246712699296
c2: -13599612443255728863299577941084002
c3: 1782144334403094596253622441
c4: 13437582792511043374318
c5: -2600097158176650
c6: -79896600
Y0: -147363113018984583605698621219842357
Y1: 7248193407388299119464733
cownoise says this one is skew 1530245.07844 score 4.55336880e-16.

These results are a bit surprising.

EDIT: Round 2 on CADO, taking 400k to 2M with incr = 420, P =12M, nq still 46656. I used P = 10M on the first run.

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