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Originally Posted by ssybesma View Post
I get that part.
I haven't seen how to setup where mprime looks.
I assume that prime.txt or local.txt would hold the path to the individual destination folder where it will keep its files.
That seems like a VERY clean option you gave me and that way the PRP temp files can be as big as they want.
I assume not all of them are being accessed constantly at once but I have excellent network speed and not worried about the host machine's resources.
The share becomes part of the local file system for the stick. With this extension, everything needed to run mprime -- ini, local,, GMP, temp files, proofs mprime -- are all stored on the share. From the client stick you just see another directory. -- set up to share from the server.; It is mounted by the client -- tested with the mount command and automated by an entry in the /etc/fstab.

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