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Originally Posted by ssybesma View Post
I get that part.
I haven't seen how to setup where mprime looks.
./mprime -d
scroll through the choices, then at Advanced, say N don't skip

As a test I did this:
Your choice: 14

Consult readme.txt prior to changing any of these settings.

Temporary disk space limit in GB/worker (6.000000):
Upload bandwidth limit in Mbps (0.250000):
Upload large files time period start (00:00):
Upload large files time period end (24:00):
Download limit for certification work in MB/day (40):
Skip advanced resource settings (Y): n
Optional directory to hold large temporary files: ./largetmp
Optional directory to hold archived proofs: ./archivedproofs
Daytime P-1/ECM stage 2 memory in GB (0.300000): 1
Nighttime P-1/ECM stage 2 memory in GB (0.300000): 1
Max emergency memory in GB/worker (1.000000):
Priority -- 1 is highly recommended, see readme.txt (1):
Certification work limit in % of CPU time (10):
Use hyperthreading for trial factoring (recommended) (Y):
Use hyperthreading for PRP, LL, P-1, ECM (not recommended) (N):

Accept the answers above? (Y): y
and afterward found in local.txt:
I did not find those Dir entries referenced in readme.txt or undoc.txt. Maybe I just missed them.
That's for splitting up the mprime storage space.
If you want it all on a file share, which would be simpler but maybe not quite the performance a split setup may offer, set up the share, cd to the share, as in a shell script, run from there, & don't set separate archive, temporary, or working directories in the mprime local.txt or prime.txt.

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