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Default PXE booting

Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
Have you thought about PXE booting SLAX Linux from one HDD?
Ugh...I wouldn't even know how to begin doing that. You're saying one machine acts as a server for the smaller machines to run mprime on?

All I really need is a way to put a limitation on how much disk space the PRP checks consume.

If I can do that, I can do PRP checks with all my machines but they are still a little slower, but at least they won't freeze up my machines. A few months ago I figured out out to slim down Peppermint OS even more but it's not really enough to make PRP happy. It almost eats up everything you have, even if you make more space.

If I can put a hard limit on PRP disk space consumption to say 400MB, that would be ideal...that's all the temp files combined.

I think now that amount is way over 700MB and I've already removed 9 machines from the project so all the files are gone.

I still have 11 machines finishing up but those will all be forced onto PRP after they complete.

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