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Originally Posted by jasong
interest is the Odd Perfect Number search. About 5 minutes ago I wrote the dude
I'm the dude.

I told Jason that one of things I really like about the odd perfect number search is that there will be opportunities for all kinds of machines to make contributions. There will always be a some task that need big memory machines - some large SNFS and some very large ECM to qualify candidates for SNFS. But there will also be important opportunities for smaller machines.

Some small memory machines will seach very deep for odd perfect numbers that do not need large factorizations. These people might find an odd perfect number with hundreds of prime factors, none to very high powers.

Some users with large memory machines will be eager to team up with small memory machines because every large factorization will unleash a flood of small factorizations needed to effectively use the large factors. These will be task force teams that clear land with a lumberjack to fell the big trees and some bush hogs to clear out the undergrowth.

What I really need is some more time away from work so I can get the necessary tools written.

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