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Unfortunately the server machine is down completely. It won't come on after several attempts. My guess...yet another blown mobo. Although I can't visually see anything burned out, 80% of the time, that's what it's been on my machines; most of the rest of the time a bad power supply. My main sieving machine, a Windows I7, also went down while I was away on a business trip. My guess...a bad mobo.

I wonder if others have the problems with motherboards that I do. I get so sick of replacing them and the expense has become very high. In 3 years time, I've replaced an average of more than one motherboard for every machine that I have.

This is a terrible inconvenience for me at this point to have my 2 most important machines go down within a few days of each other. These 2 machines are supposed to have the best mobo for the money and they are just over a year old. I'll see about swapping the server machine's hard drive to another one of my Intel machines and hope to get it running in a few hours here.

The timing is so bad in my personal life that I'll probably just take the 2 machines into the shop, have them diagnose them, and fix them, at an expense of likely $100+ extra over figuring it out myself and replacing the bad part(s) myself and at a loss of probably several extra days of processing. I just don't have the time to continue dealing with these things.

Right now, I'm completely disgusted.

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