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So much testing... so much more to do.

Summary test results at

Attempted interpretation on how it relates to PrimeGrid work:

4096k FFT iter/s for 1, 2, 6 workers tested with 29.8b5:
8086k 187.59 180.16 170.94
3600 309.71 214.21 193.38

5120k FFT:
8086k 145.74 141.85 135.79
3600 193.86 155.41 149.88

8086k seems to run around 4.3 GHz not that it matters as it is ram bandwidth starved. I had dual channel 3000C15 in the tested system.

The 3600 system wouldn't boot with my 4000 rated ram, even after dropping it down to 3400. I gave up at that point and swapped in 3000C14 modules which were used for test. 3600 clock fluctuated with temperature but was in the region of 3.9 GHz.
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