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Default Lucas-Lehmer run times for CUDALucas on NVIDIA GTX480

Timings for an assortment of exponents are tabulated and charted for reference. Note, only one trial per combination was tabulated, so no measure made or indication given of reproducibility run to run for same inputs. (One exponent's run time was estimated from a fit made on results from several other exponents, with unexpectedly good results. Likely fit error appears to be 1-5% typically, subject to revision later.) See the attachment. This is a somewhat different way of looking at test speed than the GPU Lucas-Lehmer performance benchmarks at
Run time power fits were made for timings from CUDALucas v2.05.1 on GTX480 separately, for p<106 (p1.339), 106<p<107 (p1.849), 107<p<108 (p2.095). Compare those results to the expected asymptotic run time scaling p2 log p log log p (~p2.117)

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