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In terms of processors, I think we should go with dual Athlon MPs. It is has a much better price/performance ratio (last time I checked) than versus Xeons. If you would like to see the performance, you can look at this article:
If we were going to have this professional hosted (in a colo facility) we should probably go with a 1U case. This would save money because they do charge by the U. Anandtech also has a comparison of a bunch of 1U dual Athlon MP systems here:

In terms of hosting, it would be very expensive to send it to a colo. If we could find someone at a university that would be willing to host it, that would be ideal. Universities have lots of bandwidth and since this is a mathematical project, they should find it a worthy use of bandwidth. Also, if we were hosting in a college, we wouldn't neccessarily need a 1U case, because we wouldn't get charged by the U (hopefully, we wouldn't get charged at all).

For storage, I think SCSI RAID is overkill. Instead I think it should be IDE RAID. This is because SCSI discs are a lot more money than IDE disks and SCSI RAID controllers are really, really expensive (much more so than IDE RAID). Instead, I suggest we go for 1 gig of RAM. Since this would allow the server to cache most, if not all, of the database and since most DB requests are probably read requests (for generating the stats), you wouldn't need to use the hard drives very much.

If we don't have to put it in a 1U case, then we could probably build it cheaper than buying. You mention Dell, but we couldn't use Dell if we went with the Athlon MPs because Dell doesn't do AMD.

In terms of redundant NICs, a few of the Athlon MP motherboards have dual NICs built in. However, if you want ultimate redundancy, then I think proxy servers would be the best idea. Sure, the stats website would go down, but people would still be able to reserve and return exponents, which is the most important.

These are my thoughts,
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