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Wont be the biggest numbers but my personal maximum was Swindon to Edinburgh. I don't recall the exact numbers. According to Google Maps it is 370 miles estimating 6h40m. From memory the trip actually took me 9 to 10 hours including a couple of breaks along the way for food/other reasons. Most of the trip is motorway (70mph limit) but there are several traffic blackspots on the way.

That was a 3 day trip for work. Because I needed some equipment I decided it was easier on this occasion to drive it up with me. One day up, one day working, one day back. I also used my own car. We get paid by the mile for doing that. For future trips to Scotland I flew every time. Driving a whole day wasn't fun.

Having said that, as a tourist attraction Scotland made up the "north coast 500" route, which you could guess from its name is a 500-ish mile loop. I debated doing that but it implies a 1500 mile trip distance without extra detours. Of course, that would not be done in a day!
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