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Originally Posted by em99010pepe
That first question won't take you anywhere. Now I understand why this project has so little help.
Well, Carlos, that's the way that it is.
You may not be aware of the effort required to just "maintain the status quo". Any DC project requires a continuing effort just to keep the data flowing.

Of the original group that resurrected NFSNET, I'm the only one spending any significant amount of time on it. All of the others have since moved to new jobs (as in putting bread on the table) that require too much of their time to provide more than a occasional hour or two to address some emergency. Paul still does the selection of sieving parameters, but that contribution (about once a month) requires all of the time that he now has to contribute. As a result, I'm rather "stuck" with the day-to-day operations (which require more time that I would like).

In addition, I'm working with some others to integrate a more efficient siever. This is no easy task, but IMHO, much more important than developing a fancier web site.

I'm already stretched too thin. Given our extremely limited "time" resource, I have to look at the cost benefit ratio. This is a volunteer operation, everyone else will do likewise. Since there are a few who are interested in contributing THEIR time to improve the code, and any improvement will make the existing base of sievers more efficient, I'm spending my remaining time trying to help/encourage them.

I don't think that any of us are opposed to improvement of the web site. Nor do we think that your suggestion is unreasonable. It has been "on the list" for quite some time. However, there just isn't anyone willing and able to either provide the resources that would make it easier or figure out how to do it with the limited resources that we have available.

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