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Default 100MD LL Test - Newb Question

I'm running a LL test on a 100MD assignment.
I just got done factoring to 76 bits (took 11 days). Now Prime95 is running a P-1 factor test and then I suppose it will start the LL.

My questions are:

1) Technically speaking, how many bits is M332208529? (i.e., how far can I trial factor this despite the fact that Prime95 has determined that 76 bits is far enough?);

2) I have multiple systems available for running Prime95;

a) On a different system, should I trial factor this assignment manually to 77 or 78 bits in an effort to better increase the odds that I am not wasting A LOT of time on the primary LL assignment?

b) On a different system, and after the P-1 test is complete and I get the B1 bound result, should I run some ECM curve tests at the same time? If so, how many curves?

Thanks in advance for your insights.

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