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Default Re: Digicrime interesting link thread

Originally posted by xilman
My link was edited out by dswanson because some dumb software claimed that "it contains a Trojan". I happen to know otherwise.
Personally, I find the material on Digicrime very funny. I may be biased, but I'm in good company. I found dswanson's response amusing in itself, as it illustrates perfectly a failure of a security mechanism.
Not one, but two separate virus checkers (Norton and McAfee) report a trojan at the site. The site may be deliberately set up to trigger automatic virus scanning software, either as a joke or to illustrate that such software can provide false alarms. But I'd far rather have my virus software provide false alarms, rather than letting real malicious stuff in. And I don't consider this a case of crying "wolf"' too often - this alert was only the second time in three years of using McAfee that I'd ever gotten a virus notice.

I also received "moderator alert" emails from two separate users concerning this link before I removed it. Both emails reported the same behavior: trojan at the website. I'm not going to restore the link. Anyone who wishes to explore it may do so using the de-fanged version of the link xilman provides above.
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