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Smile Digicrime interesting link thread

I posted an "interesting link" to Digicrime's web site at (broken up so that there's no chance that it will automagically get turned into a link) http: // www. digicrime. com

My link was edited out by dswanson because some dumb software claimed that "it contains a Trojan". I happen to know otherwise.

Digicrime was set up by a number of cryptography and security researchers as a satirical comedy. If you're brave enough to get past the dire warnings, you'll find material by luminaries such as Ron Rivest, Matt Blaze, Arjen Lenstra, Kevin McCurley and, for that matter, myself. I'm firmly of the opinion that these folk value their reputations too highly to risk them by putting anything geniunely harmful there.

Part of the humour at Digicrime is poking fun at ineffectual and/or misleading security mechanisms. A scanner, for instance, that produces too many false positives is dangerous --- its users will be tempted to ignore its warnings and switch it off entirely.

Personally, I find the material on Digicrime very funny. I may be biased, but I'm in good company. I found dswanson's response amusing in itself, as it illustrates perfectly a failure of a security mechanism.

BTW, check out the free gift offer. It's a real offer and you do indeed get what's promised.

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