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Hmm, it looks like a lot of that's out of date. We set aside the k=1400-2000 and k=2000-3000 ranges a long time ago to focus on pushing k=300-1001 to higher n levels. Currently we have:
  • Individual-k reservations for k=300-400 and n>1M.
  • PRPnet automated testing for 18 k's in k=300-400 and n>1M.
  • PRPnet automated testing and manual reservations for k=400-1001 and n>1M.

Additionally, there are a number of other details in the first post that could bear updating.

My mod status expired a long time ago due to inactivity, so I can't update the first post - Gary will need to do that accordingly when he gets the chance. (Once that's done, Dave can update the webpage to reflect the new verbiage.)
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