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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
I actually have, -- as well as all composite cofactors in the same range (for all five bases up to n<=25 iirc). I've done that back in 2008, 2009. (Note that you have to use base other than 3 for GFN'(3,n).)

I have reported them, too. But I guess, W.Keller didn't know me too well back then and wrote back that he will not post them just yet, and will wait for someone else to repeat that.

Of course that was before I found three Fermat factors for him in a row. I think he might have trusted my results better if I submitted PRP test results after that. I am fine with only me knowing the true character of those numbers, though. ;-)
Oh wow, that is impressive. Let me see if I understand you correctly: You have tested both 10^(2^24)+1 and 10^(2^25)+1 and have proven that they are composite and you did this in 2008/2009? (!!) The latter one is over 33M digits and must have taken months, especially that long ago.

Assuming so, I can kind of see why he wants a doublecheck but I'm surprised that he doesn't change their "character" to composite (with perhaps a question mark besides it like GIMPS does until all doublechecks below a prime are complete) and show somewhere that a doublecheck is needed.
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