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Quick update.
We passed 31 million results in the NPLB stats database a while ago and are closing in on 32 million.

Although we have not reached 8000 primes in the database yet, it is very close with just 9 more to go. /ed- Party time, anyone? -ed/

Ototero - AMD Users team (and budding stats-master) - dropped in a prime on 27-JULY-2012 that has 562,664 digits: 315 ยท 2 1869119 - 1.

There have been 58 other primes registered since then but he's still wearing the gold jersey.
This makes Ototero our current 'heavy-weight' champion.
The pair score was valued at 21.835036

... but ... here is the milestone:

The prime score was valued at 102.030704.

We passed the 100 mark for a prime score!

Ototero kicked the factor of ten to the kerb and has us moving right along.

[Pair Score is (n^2/160e9), Prime Score is (n^3/64e15)]

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