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Just thought I'd chime in and let you all know that the results table in the NPLB stats database just passed 30 million records!

The total NPLB Pair Score in the database is now a gargantuan 58,476,004.697024
That is a lot of work done.

This yield is from 1,465 unique k values and 1,312,743 unique n values.
This is not a terribly useful factoid, but there it is. It helps when you look at the drive progress chart
[modern browsers only supported + enable javascript required]

The total NPLB Prime Score in the stats database from 7,823 primes is now a hefty 11,779.228819304

The largest prime in the NPLB stats database, to-date, belongs to Karsten from port GB-3500 on 25-Jan-2012: 345*2^1742652-1, length 524,594 digits, NPLB Prime Score 82.689817
That one beat his NPLB stats record from the day before by 397 digits.
Karsten is now holding the top 2 places in this herculean category eclipsing Flatlander's efforts in Oct, Nov and Dec last year.

We are covering a lot of ground and pushing well up into the Top5000.
Although we had many many lower value primes that have moved out of the top 5000 range, we currently have 457 primes in the list and we hold a Top5000 score of 48.9984.

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