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Talking Happy birthday Gary!

Hi all,

I had meant to post this first thing today, but am rather embarrassed to say that it slipped my mind in the midst of some minor server troubles and the busyness preparing for my impending move. My particular apologies to Dave, who first suggested this idea to me about a week ago, for dropping the ball on this. I was reminded by Gary's mention of the occasion in an unrelated email to me today, and thought "What, it was TODAY?!? Oh is Friday already. Aw, crud." So despite having missed the opportunity of surprise, I'm going to post this belatedly anyway--better late than never.

As of today, August 12, 2011, Gary has officially turned 50 years old!

In way of a gift, we would like to present a "birthday prime" in honor of this occasion:


We had hoped to find one with an n starting in "50", but the task turned out to be somewhat more difficult than expected. This particular sequence was quite devoid of primes in the n=5K-6K range, as were various other k/b combinations.

Gary, we wish you a most happy birthday, and that your next 50 years would be even better than the first!

The rest of the NPLB Admin Squad
(Max, Dave, Karsten, and Ian)

@Karsten, Ian: I had meant to contact you guys regarding this as well, but as mentioned above that didn't exactly materialize. I'm hoping you don't mind me signing your names above in absentia.
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