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I agree with Flatlander.

Gary & Max, it is really hard to find the most up-to-date version of the NPLB application software. Searching through this thread one finds the "old" GUI version (that still seems to work OK but is apparently not the fastest version). Also there is the fast version but this is confusing as the version with a higher version number is for Linux and a 0.01 lower version is for Windows 32-bit. More than two dozen of my computers are 64-bit and on first inspection it seems as if there is no NPLB software for Windows 64-bit operating systems. (With insider knowledge we know that the NPLB software is 32-bit and is capable of running under 64-bit Windows, and that there is no speed increase when running 64-bits but to the noobie they wouldn't know all this).

We need a clear link to the software and to instructions for how to run it on multi-core CPUs.

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