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I've queried the DB for a list of all "Unknown" results and dumped the output to

The ranges currently claimed by "Unknown" appear to be as follows:
1st Drive, n=510K-510.5K
Ergh, this was the one that was done by me manually and which I accidentally imported under "Unknown". I pointed this out in my previous itemization of "Unknown" ranges but never got around to fixing it. Dave, quick question: would there be any negative side effects if I remedied the problem with the following command?
update results set username = 'mdettweiler' where (k between 400 and 1001) and (n between 510001 and 510500);

1st Drive, n=~543038-~543749
This was in the middle of LLRnet C443's range, n=542.6K-544.0K. It would appear that one or more results files from in here were never imported (probably an accidental blooper, since importing of C* server results was a manual process). Karsten, do you have results files that cover this range? If so, please send them to Dave and I and we can get them in the DB using the "upsert" process.

3rd Drive, n=340K-~383274
This rather large range was done by LLRnet IB5000. My guess is that it was right around here that IronBits started copying off his results files automatically; indeed, the very first results file by date that we have in our master directory starts at about n=383274 (not counting a few assorted stragglers). Again, Karsten, if you have results files for this range, please send them to Dave and I.

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