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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
After much effort, the listing of k=2400-2600 primes is complete. The counts of new and confirmed primes have been verified against the results files that Bruce sent and Karsten's rieselprime web page.

I'll do k=2600-3000 later Weds. It should be child's play compared to k=2400-2600.

Max, I've let this slide on a # of drives right now due to heavy admin duties on both of the projects right now but while we're at it here, can you please sent me "regular LLR" formatted results for k=2000-2400 here so that I can verify the prime counts for that range? Bruce (or you) have already sent me results for k=2600-3000. Generally I leave the 1st post status as "in progress" until I'm able to verify the results but made an exception here since it would look odd to have k=2400-2600 complete and k=2000-2400 as in progress.

On the other hand, it's possible that I could have missed an Email or two from way back so if you've already sent the k=2000-2400 results, just let me know the date that they were sent and I'll find them.

The results in LLRnet format should be in the same place as always; last I recall, Karsten was the one doing the processing of those results into LLR format and sending them to you. Karsten, do you have those handy by chance?
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