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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Reserving 610K-620K for LLRnet IB5000. At its current processing rate, the server will dry in ~2 days or less, and it's moving somewhat more quickly than IB400, so hence I'm reserving a larger chunk for it. (If IB5000's current rate is kept up, it will complete the 610K-620K range in about 5 days, that is, 5 days after the ~2 days to complete 606K-610K.)

Edit: Gary, it seems that we will be having at least 1 already known prime in this 610K-620K range. Can you update the first post of this thread to reflect all such primes? Thanks.


Max, I appreciate your enthusiasm but can you check with me first next time? This is way more than we need. First, there appears to be a very large error in your calculations. Second, to keep the drives relatively even, when this drives gets close to the 5th drive, I will likely split my cores between ports 400 and 5000 since Ian likes to be on port 4000. Third, I may pull off another quad to finish the k=1005-2000 sieving by Jan. 15th.

Calculations as of 1 AM EST on Dec. 29th assuming current processing rate:

Current remaining in port 5000: ~14,400 pairs
610K-620K: ~37,000 pairs
Total thru 620K: ~51,400 pairs

Current processing rate: ~3,700 pairs / day

Dry current pairs: 14,400/3,700 = ~4 days
Dry thru 620K: 51,400/3,700 = ~14 days

It's not a big deal. We'll dry it eventually. It's just nice to give out manual reservations a little closer to where the servers are testing.


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