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Threads for team drives 5, 6, & 7 have now been started for the huge range of k=400-1001 and n=600K-1M. Keep right on crunching along with us as we undertake this huge endeaver and find many big primes!

The applicable servers are in the process of being loaded with the appropriate ranges at this time. Manual files will be posted after the 1st drive is complete.

Karsten, in the next few days, can you create a new web page at your site for each of our new drives and provide me with a link to them? I'll then add the link to the 1st post in each of the drives like we've done with our other main drives. Thanks!

Sometime in the next week or so, we'll get the k=1005-2000 drive kicked off for n=50K-350K. In late Jan., I'm hoping we'll be ready to start that range for n=350K-500K. There are 100's of small and medium-sized primes that still need to be found in that area. Likely, we will start a sieving drive shortly after the 1st drive is done for the higher n-ranges of k=1005-2000 to guarantee that we will be ready to start searching for top-5000 primes in that area by late Jan.


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