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Default Complete twin list k=1-100K and n=1-5K

Attached is a complete list of all twin primes for k = 1 to 100K and n = 1 to 5K for the form k * 2^n +/- 1. It also includes the twin 459 * 2 ^ 8529 +/- 1 from my earlier effort to match up all known Riesel and Proth primes. There are a total of 17717 twins in the list.

I hope someone finds this useful in searches for more 'exotic' primes such as triplets, quads, 5-tuples, etc.

Eventually I want to expand the list for all k < 1M and all n < 100K. If anyone wants to contribute to the effort, let me know. I'll be sieving to n=10K later this week, which won't take long.

n's > 66K make the current top-20 twin prime list.

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