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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
It's a shame that extending the search made so little difference lower down. From 599 to 797 the difference is only 1. I was hoping that more could be eliminated. Maybe some more could be if the easiest targets are attacked rather than everything.
Yeah, but I don't hold a grudge against those primes, it's still interesting enough that there's a unique solution up to level 191. I may compare this to the luck that Euler's number 41 has (i.e. the polynomial 41+n(n+1) that produces primes until 41²), and claim that my sequence is even a bit luckier because 191 is the 43rd prime

I know for a fact that, at level 797, two more primes bite the dust after 2089#, so at this point only 226 will be left. I'd have to check how far-reaching exactly the consequences are, but at level 541 the 47 surviving primes remain unchanged. I've checked the weakest branches of level 797 already in 2015, and the weakest of those that I haven't checked further has 42 primes at level 1597. Puzzling together the probabilities, I would expect one more prime to be cancelled out at level 797, leaving 225 "stable" primes at this point.
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