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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post

Madpoo's running an LL test now. T-41 hours.
32 hours to go now (I setup that system to use 20 cores on it instead of the usual dual 14-core workers it runs).

I don't know if George has already reached out to anyone with a fast GPU system to get another verifying test going on it in parallel, just in case? What's the fastest GPU out there now for LL testing... Titan of some flavor? Anyone with one of those willing to lend some cycles for a couple days on the chance this is a new prime?

Otherwise, my verification won't technically count as a double-check since it's another Prime95 run and we'd still want one with another program (mprime, cudalucas, cllucas, etc). My run is just to know whether or not to go on to that next step. We've run into a lot of false positives over the past couple years, but this one has more confidence behind it.

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