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Originally Posted by Dubslow View Post
Some notes on CUDALucas 2.03: In many places, examples and instructions are for 2.01, not 2.03. All command line options are the same (except for -i which prints device info), however the work file requires pseudo-GIMPS format.
<AID> can be "N/A" (actually, it can be anything, AID isn't actually used anywhere in 2.03).

Also, thanks for the links to the .dlls. Whenever I feel like cleaning up the SourceForge files page, I'll make use of those. (LaurV was able to provide some of them, but not all.)
I will mention the new file format in the next release.

The web space I use is very limited. I will have to remove older versions for publishing new CUDA dlls. I think they have a nice place to be over there at sourceforge.
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