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Default GPU Computing Cheat Sheet Update to v1.02a

Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
And by the way, trying to be not totally offtopic, the "B" in the FFT length [edit: in the PDF file] makes no sense and it is technically incorrect. Please correct that. The FFT lenght is not measured in bytes. In fact, each FFT "element" has 8 bytes, and what Dubslow said [edit: about the lenght of the saving files] is therefore wrong: the 1440K FFT size (or 1474560 FFT size, or 1.44M FFT size, but NOT 1440KB FFT, nor 1.44MB FFT, these are WRONG) produces a save file of exactly 11 megabytes, if you do not compress it with gzip or whatever compression algorithm (which compression will be very bad if you do it, because it will not be possible to directly compare residue files using a binary editor/viewer - someone did it in the past for former releases and people, including me, got mad about it).
Ah, a simple typo. Save file size should have suggested that 2M FFT length needs 16 MB disk space. ;-)

I assume v1.03 will come out soon as of the new upcoming mfaktc/o kernels and CL 2.04.

File now here.

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