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edited to explain (the two "[edit...]" brackets). added text, corrected grammar as much as I could spot. I woke up in the wrong posture today... I better refrain posting until after the forth coffee cup...

Related to installing cuda and msvs, well, I already did, but beside of trying to recompile some of older flashjh's releases, I didn't do too much. I can't really find the time for programming at home (at the office is no way! plenty of little things and Thai minions are pissing me off every minute), and I still have a list of "things to program at home", including that P-1 stuff, I did not write a line of code to it since months, but for that project the story is different, beside of scarce time, there is also scarce inspiration/knowledge. I am still playing with P-1 in pari/gp, trying to optimize it (from the theoretical point of view) as much as possible for mersenne numbers, and trying to get it as parallel as possible, but beside of multiplying primes in pairs on different threads there is not too much to optimize. I have learned a lot of things from this, but the magic spark is still missing. It may be a good reason why other (more clever) people didn't implement P-1 on cuda till now. If any spark, I may return to writing "close to the metal" (i.e. cuda) again, but the chances are low for the time being.
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