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This is a good sign. If this pdf file appeared, then it means we will have soon the CudaLucas 2.04 made official and all bugs solved (I am already using it since ages, I don't remember using a different version ever ), and mfaktc 0.19 made public (few selected people are already testing the betas, see the discussions in the mfaktc subforum)

This usually happens. When we have new models of our products, we do big advertizement to the old models and big discounts to get rid of them... I bought two of my laptops (in an interval of 10-11 years I changed my laptop 4 times) just before new models were launched, which in few months were better and cheaper then the price I paid for my models, already aged, hehe... I still use the sony fw46, core2duo, bought in 2009, just before the big launch of exactly the same laptop, exactly the same price, but with core i7 and more memory.... (they were the only laptops with full hd 1920 screen for coming years, now such things are very common, and they have cuda gtx580m too, even better!, but I did not get one yet, and don't plan to)

And by the way, trying to be not totally offtopic, the "B" in the FFT length [edit: in the PDF file] makes no sense and it is technically incorrect. Please correct that. The FFT lenght is not measured in bytes. In fact, each FFT "element" has 8 bytes, and what Dubslow said [edit: about the lenght of the saving files] is therefore wrong: the 1440K FFT size (or 1474560 FFT size, or 1.44M FFT size, but NOT 1440KB FFT, nor 1.44MB FFT, these are WRONG) produces a save file of exactly 11 megabytes, if you do not compress it with gzip or whatever compression algorithm (which compression will be very bad if you do it, because it will not be possible to directly compare residue files using a binary editor/viewer - someone did it in the past for former releases and people, including me, got mad about it).

There is also something wrong with the last versions related to "big fft" part, I had in my hands gtx580 with 1.5GB, 3GB, and teslas with 6GB, and I could NOT run any 100Mdigit exponent. But this is more technical and it was/will be discussed in the suitable threads, it has nothing to do with the advertizing (i.e. the pdf file in discussion says what CL advertizes, it is not your fault the program does not work as advertized, hehe).

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