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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
There were 4 primes found by Lennart on the public server that were not found by Bruce in his manual LLRnet run that effectively was a double-check of a large part of the range. Triple-checking by me confirmed that Bruce's list is correct. Here are the culprits:

2457*2^239794-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 55D32DAFD42FB9B4 Time : 198.913 sec.
2463*2^170838-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: EC031A0DB6C2DCF2 Time : 127.062 sec.
2481*2^185187-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: A64A60A7D5942FD4 Time : 119.079 sec.
2505*2^154470-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 07BE4011A7E08FF5 Time : 89.002 sec.

In all 4 cases, these were close to actual primes that were found by both Bruce and Lennart. They are:
2457*2^239814-1 (n=20 difference from above "composite prime")
2463*2^170842-1 (n=4 difference)
2481*2^185218-1 (n=31 difference)
2505*2^154475-1 (n=5 difference)

That is exactly what happened to me on 2 occassions when I had a laptop with bad memory. It would fine a "composite prime" very close to an actual prime. I'll send Lennart a PM referencing this post. I have now deleted the erroneous primes from the 1st post here.

That's a start on the cleanup of k=2400-2600 here...still much work to do on it later Tuesday.


I can't answer the question. I need to know the computer (ClirntID) from log to see that. If there is a problem it should show up in Boinc becuse all is DC there so that computer should have many invalid wu,

But can you give me the log entrys frp server there clientid is i can mayby narrow it down.

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