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Whoops, looks like the addition of more candidates somehow didn't go through. I'm not entirely sure why that happened, though I can think of a few reasons why. I'll try it again.
Much better, all set now. It seems Ubuntu 8.04 behaves a bit differently than 7.04 when you close a tab on a gnome-terminal window: it simply lets the contents within keep running, rather than immediately stopping them like 7.04 did. This means that the only way I can close the infinite loop which I use to automatically restart the LLRnet servers (which I need to do in order to add new candidates) is by closing out all the servers, killing the VNC session (i.e. "logging off"), then starting it again, and then finally restarting the servers.

Hey, at least I only have to add candidates to an LLRnet server once in a while. Nonetheless, this makes me very glad we're transitioning to PRPnet in the near future!
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