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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
1 out of the last 17 primes hasnt been 1600-1700
Make that 1 out of the last 17 NEW primes hasn't been k=1600-1700.

Now it's: 18 out of the last 20 NEW primes HAS been k=1600-1700 and the other 2 have been k=1900-2000.

(I don't like negative logic. lol)

Somewhere in there are some k=1400-1600 & k=1700-1900 new primes I'm sure. Those areas are far from having been fully searched already, especially the k=1700-1900 range. We're slowly getting a higher percentage of new primes as we get higher. Above n=375K, the previously known primes drops dramatically. That's why I'm very excited by the prospects for the rally!

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