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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
After I finish a range and report the lresults.txt, should I delete the old lresults.txt so the file doesn't just keep growing? Is it recommended to report the lresults.txt after every range, or run a couple ranges before e-mailing it? Also, do you have a preference for receiving them by forum or e-mail?
I'm fine with you posting them here or Emailing them. As long as they're not too big, posting them here is slightly preferred but the size limit restricts that for very large results. I can't access my Email from work.

It's best to have separate lresults files if there is a gap between the ranges tested. So if you reserve several consecutive files at once, you can let the results 'pile up' in one file and send or post them all at once. But if you reserve one range, then others reserve some, and then you reserve another range, the files should be separate. If there is a gap between the ranges in a single results file, I have to separate them because there will be other results that come in in between them. I need to be able to see at a glance that we have results files for all ranges.

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