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Smile We've got teams!

Well, over in the LLRnet Stats thread recently, we've had a little discussion about a user who included his team name in his username like at NPLB, even though there were no teams here--and, as we were discussing, I thought, "Hey, why not have teams here, at least for LLRnet?"

So, users will now have the option to join a team for their LLRnet crunching! Just put your team name in front of your username in the llr-clientconfig.txt file, like this: user = "TeamName_Username"

I'll be posting team stats along with the user stats each time I update them, just like at NPLB.

I'll leave it up to Gary as to whether to have teams for the non-LLRnet part of the project.

Here's the list of who's on what team (will be updated when necessary):



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