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This is a thread for general news for No Prime Left Behind (NPLB)

A few topics of interest to get us started:

1. Please post all results files in the status thread upon completion of your ranges or alternatively you can Email them to me at:
gbarnes017 at Also, if you can please post or mail past results to me that you still have available, that would be helpful. My apologies for my initial indecision on this.

2. Karsten (kar_bon) is working on a scoring system for NPLB. Please post your opinions and thoughts in the 'statistic pages' thread.

3. We just picked up our 9th top-5000 prime, which moves us into a tie for 8th place among all prime search projects. With ~20 more, we'll be in 6th place. This is where the action is at!

4. We are currently in the process of sieving 300<k<400 for n=260K-1M. The entire range so far is sieved to P=100G with a portion of it sieved to ~P=300G. Look for a 'sieving help' thread late this week where you can help us with the sieving if you like.

On #4, when sieving is complete, this will be an exciting range to test with many more possibilities for varied-type searches. Although we will have a drive #3 for a large portion of it that is similar to drive #1, we will leave ~7-10 k's for individual reservations. Small 'mini-drives' amongst 2 or 3 of you are good possibilites for this range. There are other k's where testing can be started at n=500K or n=600K for those of you who like BIG primes but don't want to wait for the big team drive to get there!


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