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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
By IFP I assume you mean the Integer Factorization Problem. But exactly what do you mean by that?

Are you asking if it's in P (solvable in polynomial time) or not?

If it is do you want to know how to solve it?

If it's not in P do you want a proof it's in NP (takes an exponential function of the length of the number)? Or could it be of intermediate difficulty?

AFAIK it's not NP-complete because it can be solved in probably polynomial time by a quantum computer running Shor's algorithm. So if IFP is NP-complete a quantum computer can solve any NP-complete problem which is unlikely.


I'm looking for a polynomial time process. I found a probabilistic process which I am not satisfied with.

Originally Posted by CRGreathouse View Post
I feel a great deal more clarity is required. You say you're searching for a deterministic form of integer factorization, and by the standard definitions of those words we already have one. There are great minds on this forum but without a clear definition of the problem you're attacking I can hardly imagine them putting forth effort on a goose chase.

One of the great minds who once posted here would have called this "word salad". Perhaps there is meaning deep inside it but I cannot coax it out.

I am trying to engage your ideas in good faith. Please don't make me look like a fool for having done so.

Fair enough. As I stated before I respect your opinion. However, have the balls to quote your source and don't pretend to engage in good faith when employing sarcasm and playing the false victim. Silverman, if that is who you meant is the "great mind" could have said many things. And please don't try to engage these "unripe" (or ripe, however you prefer) statements as they will only waste your time. Gauss had an aversion to Boetians for good reason. I thought what I had written was clear enough in lay terms but obviously not and despite the presentation the input was appreciated.

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