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Originally Posted by birtwistlecaleb View Post
My preferred work in GIMPS is P-1. And I have an image to prove. I want to either: get only P-1 or not get automatic assignments.
Have you completed any P-1 factoring tasks? If so, which one(s)? You did not answer my questions about your hardware.

I don't know the absolute minimum RAM that is needed for P-1 factoring, but I have used a virutal machine on Amazon with only 1 GB of RAM. That completed P-1 factoring okay. But the 2nd stage of P-1 factoring can benefit from a lot of RAM, although it is not necessary to have a lot of RAM.

I believe you can stop getting automatic assignments by setting something which on the Linux program (mprime) is called "Days of work to queue up". It should have a similar or identical name on Prime95. If that is set to 0, the program will not request any additional work from the server.
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