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Default 4000 < k < 5000

I've decided to start working on the range 4500<k<5000 (sieved to p=3P) with some cores I have available right now.
My plan is to do it in several drives.
In the first drive all k's will be searched to n=120k (work in progress). The next drives will extend the range stepwise depending on core availability.
All k's have been tested to n=20k, but this range will be DC. Some k's have been tested by others on some higher n's, leaving a gap behind in most cases that is planned to be filled:

k=4515, n=191k-284.1k
k=4559, n=500k-1.0M
k=4589, n=500k-1.0M
k=4601, n=500k-1.0M
k=4691, n=500k-1.0M
k=4717, n=500k-1.0M

k=4779, n=?-?
k=4851, n=350k-384k

RPS 8th drive
k=4935, n=380k-

k=4597 and k=4813 were already searched to n=1.0M (J.P.Burt) with no gaps and initially will be only DC to n=120k.

I am on my own in this quest for now, but if anyone wants to join I could post the sieved ranges.
Lots of primes are to come!
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