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Default The B5SPBS24 Rally

The Base-5-Sierpinski-Prime-Before-September-24th (B5SPBS24) Rally

If we do not find a Base 5 Sierpinski Prime before Sept. 24th, we will have gone a complete year without finding a prime from that queue! We are a (fairly) young project and interest here seems to wax and wane regularly, but we should be able to churn out at least one prime a year on each queue at this stage of the project. So, I kindly request all of our LLRNET testers to move their machines to the Sierpinski queue:

-- Server location and port for Sierpinski Server
server = ""
port = 12920

For any interested manual testers, I made some Sierpinski reservation files available in the LLR-pick a range thread.

Anyone else interested in helping, feel free to join us in this temporary surge!
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