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Originally Posted by Primeinator View Post
Would a macro not be easier? 90% of what you just said was well over my head. He is running Windows XP and if I could find a site for a good macro then I could train it myself (record for it what I would want it to do) because then the macro would run MUCH faster than I was able to manually enter the ISBN onto all two dozen or so sites.
I don't know how much difficulty a macro is, but this way is actually quite easy.
To prep you have to:
  1. be using Firefox 3.5
  2. install Ubiquity 0.5
  3. copy/paste the code (with the URLs filled in correctly, which won't be too hard) to the Hack Ubiquity page (a link for it is in the top right of the page it loads after you install Ubiquity)
Then to use it:
  1. Press Ctrl+Space
  2. type/paste "isbn 1234567890" or whatever
  3. press enter.
(optionally, also learn how to use Ubiquity. It gives you a link to an easy tutorial on the page that comes up after it's installed)

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