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Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
I've run 11400@40e7, 13900@42e7 and 1100@1e9, which together with the curves already done adds up to just over t60. That's it for now.

Where do people want to go with this? Unless Ryan gets involved, we're looking at an enormous amount of ECM (2t65? 0.5t70?) followed by kindly asking Greg whether he can put this in the NFS@home queue if a factor doesn't turn up.
I can enqueue it with Yoyo@Home for the maximum number of curves allowed per run (12,000 curves) @B1=85e7. Rinse, repeat…

If that doesn’t crack it, perhaps go to up to (2x) 9900 curves @B1=29e8? Yoyo can handle B1=76e8 as well, though progress at that level is VERY slow. I’m not sure what the max number of curves per pass, perhaps 5000?

This is a huge job. The above ECM work will take months.
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