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gpuowl is a command line software that runs with openCL, it does not require a CUDA installation. So just download the Windows version. The linux version should run a few percent faster,but it is more difficult to get running, because e.g. ROCm has to be installed.How to The Windows version can be used immediately.
Gpuowl-win v6.11-364-g36f4e2a, gpuowlv6.11-380-g79ea0cc-ubuntu
In principle, you only have to start gpuowl-win -iters 200000 -prp 77936867on the command line.
You can possibly make gpuowl run faster. with e.g. the following opencl options
gpuowl.exe -carry short -use CARRY32,ORIG_SLOWTRIG,IN_WG=128,IN_SIZEX=16,IN_SPACING=4,OUT_WG=128,OUT_SIZEX=16,OUT_SPACING=4  -block 100 -maxAlloc 10000 -B1 750000 -rB2 20 -prp 77936867
examples for timming post561206

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