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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
First, September 10th this year is International Suicide Prevention Day. I think that suicide should be seen differently than "the right to end one's life". Killing yourself because of desperation or depression is something that I think society should work to prevent. I lost someone (a co-worker that I enjoyed working alongside of) to suicide because a short term desperation. They needed help and did not get it. I had a friend attempt it. They were rescued by an other friend. Their outlook on life is vastly better (they had suffered from traumatic abuse at the time.) If you feel desperate, reach out for help. If you have even a hint of an idea that someone might be contemplating suicide, reach out and talk to the person. It is better to be embarrassed than to be sorrowful. I have had someone 'unfriend' me on social media because I reached out and asked if they are ok. I would do it again. If your friend tries to shake you off, call in the emergency responders. Better to be sure than sad.

That said:
I lean toward what Jack Kavorkian initially was espousing. Someone with a terminal condition with no prospect of improvement should be able to end their life. To prevent it from becoming something that gets abused, there should safe guards in place. There was to be time between the first interview (and request) and second. There should be multiple individuals with different roles doing the assessment. The interviews should be recorded on video. If the party that is seeking to terminate their life is capable, there should be a written document signed in the presence of 2 witnesses that are not the doctor that will be assisting nor a family member of the individual. Potentially qualifying conditions should be previously established by a broad panel. Psychological conditions should not be qualifying.
So basically you are in favour of various arbitrary restrictions based upon ... what criteria?

Why would you poke your nose into someone else's business? If they want to go then that is their choice.

The only time I would think that is justified in interfering is when they try to take others with them. Otherwise go for it.

This reminds me of the sodomy and homosexual laws (current and old). They are basically the "I don't like it" laws. A bunch of nosey people trying to stop others because they don't like it.
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