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the mathematical community was the first scientific group to understand, that classical publications in books, journals or other printed media has limits.

you could always publish your results in arxiv ( and/or here in mersenneforum where the density of prime experts is very high and where you would get deep and quick feedback needed to determine the future of your new primality check ...
Hi guptadeva

I will try arXiv then.

I will start to prepare the submission to as professional a level as I can manage on the Site. Time frame should be 2 weeks to a month, if I consider all the implications going forward.

Should I include the background development of the algorithm, tables, the logic of the algorithm as well.

The actual algorithm/formula is concise and straight forward and only involves an inherent relationship between odd numbers and prime numbers. I said previously that it would be Euclidian in nature.

My only concern is that I would like to be advanced some kind of intellectual protection, although I would like to share the discovery on an open source basis.

Is this too much to ask?
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